I can’t stop blogging… Call 911!

Posted on February 5, 2010


Since I have a busy day planned for tomorrow (technically tonight since it’s 5:58am on Saturday and I still haven’t slept), I probably won’t get a chance to make a new entry for the blog. I have a friend who attends the College of William & Mary and he is going to be performing during Culture Night. Several of our mutual friends are going to attend the performance, which starts at around 6pm. I planned to provide transportation this time, so I’ll probably be leaving around 4pm. I want to be there before 5pm so we can get in and snag the best seats in the house. I’ll have my camera handy (hopefully flash photography is allowed!) and if I’m able to get any decent shots, I’ll be glad to share them here!

In the meantime, I uploaded this incredible picture of a bird I spotted behind my boyfriend’s house the day after the snow storm. I definitely like it. Very colorful and bright, and the bird is gorgeous. I really seem to enjoy photographing birds…

I’ve also added a couple of new things to my list of “Things To Look Into.” First of all I would like you to understand that all I know right now in regards to photography is self-taught, and is honestly not very much knowledge at all. I have a good eye for certain photographs, and a strong desire to educate myself in photography so that I can better my ability to capture breathtaking photographs but I lack a lot of experience, and a lot of knowledge. So please bare with me!

Things To Look Into:

  • Lens Filters
  • Reflectors