If it exists, there’s a blog for it…

Posted on February 5, 2010


Wow I didn’t know there were such things as “icon journals.” I was looking for some 100×100 icons or avatars for a forum I recently joined and was having some trouble finding the perfect one… A member there suggested browsing on LiveJournal. So I went and explored the website and ended up finding tons of blogs where people provide icons for… well ANYTHING. Movies, television series, celebrities… PUPPIES! You name it. If it exists, there’s definitely an icon journal out there dedicated to it. There are an infinite amount of hobbies and interests in the world today and things that people simply like, and it really opens your eyes to how HUGE the World Wide Web really is when you consider the hundreds of webpages dedicated to these things! Official websites, fansites, blogs and e-journals, uploading sites, hosting sites, educational sites, organizational sites, governmental sites, forums that are available on the internet (whew let me catch my breath!)… There is literally NO END O_O; I mean c’mon… ICON JOURNALS! I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of them on the web. I mean we all understand the internet is a pretty enourmous system… but holy crap!

I suppose it isn’t entirely unbelievable that icon journals exist, it’s just not something I would have ever thought of… Sharing ones creativity or interests is just one of the many ways people express themselves on the internet so it’s really not so strange once you think about it. I mean, this new blog of mine will eventually display some of my works as a photographer so pretty soon  you might consider this a photoblog. I bet back when photoblogs first started to rise among the blogging world, that someone just like me realized… Hey! There’s a blog for EVERYTHING.

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