Nothing like yesterday…

Posted on February 7, 2010


Wow, weather is a jerk! Yesterday it snowed and the whole world beyond the front door looked icy and wet. The snowfall prevented myself and several of my friends from making it to William & Mary so we each stayed indoors for the entire evening. Way to rain on our parade! This morning I woke up and hesitated to look out the window, expecting a depressing gray sky to greet me like the mornings before. To my surprise it was as blue as ever! I hopped out of bed, grabbed the nearest hoodie and a pair of jeans from the basket of neatly folded pants and ran out the door with camera and laptop at hand. I didn’t even brush my hair! I threw it up into a messy ponytail and drove the Jeep down to the beach to get a couple of snapshots.

The beach was wet with melting snow, and I can honestly admit that I hate cold, wet sand. Nonetheless I trodded very carefully towards the enterance of the beach. There were a few people further down the beach, and a whirlwind of seagulls overhead. I didn’t stay very long for pictures, though. Despite the warm sunlight that cascaded down from the clear blue sky, it was freezing. I didn’t have any gloves, my hoodie was thin, and the legs of my jeans were already soaked around my ankles so I made the visit brief and drove over to the opposite side of the island where my boyfriend lives. I can’t wait for everything to dry… Hopefully another snowfall doesn’t come along and ruin my plans for the photowalk this month.