Super Bowl XLIV Commercials 2010

Posted on February 7, 2010


So tonight is the 44th Superbowl. I spent about two an a half hours watching the game at my boyfriend’s house – his parents love football. I’m not really a big fan of watching sports on television, though, and easily get bored. To be honest, the only time I’m ever interested in watching sports is if I’m physically at the game. I did, however, enjoy some of the ads this year. There were some bad ones but also some good ones. I think Doritos did the best this year. My favorite ad had to be the Doritos ad where the kid slaps his mom’s boyfriend for stealing a dorito. I also liked the one where the guy teases the dog who’s wearing a shock collar. He tells the dog that he has to speak in order to get a dorito. The dog pretends to leave but then slips the shock collar around the guy’s neck and steals the bag of doritos. The other Doritos ad about the funeral scam was also pretty entertaining, but it wasn’t a favorite…

The Snickers commercial featuring Abe Vigoda and Betty White was pretty funny, too. My least favorites were 1. the Dockers commercial where the men are walking through a field in their underwear (no one really wants to see that), 2. the abortion commercial (not that I have anything against anti-abortionists, I just think the commercial could have been better), and 3. the Careerbuilders ad where all of the co-workers were in their underwear for “casual friday”. I didn’t particularly care for the Dove for Men commercials or the one advertising the Dodge Charger (though if I had to pick between the two, the Dodge commercial had a great storyline from a man’s perspective – I’m sure a lot of guys enjoyed it).  Coca-Cola usually produces great commercials but their Superbowl ad with the Simpsons was kind of lame… The new Budweiser commercials were pretty good. I especially liked the asteroid one, but I wasn’t too sure about the ad featuring T-Pain or the one with the human bridge.  It was humorous, but come on, really?

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when everyone starts to talk about the 2010 Superbowl XLIV commercials. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for blog posts relateded to the game (or just the Superbowl ads). For anyone who missed the commercials, they’ll be located on CBSSports after the game. If you watched the Superbowl, feel free to post a comment on your favorite or least favorite commercials this year!

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