Oh no! More snow!

Posted on February 9, 2010


Sooo it appears that the 757 will be getting more snow. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the last two weekends of snowfall but it’s starting to get annoying. I think I’m just worried that the photowalk will be snowed in. I don’t like driving around in the ice and slush so if it does snow, I definitely wont be able to make it to Jamestown. I guess we’ll just have to sit by with our fingers crossed and hope for the best!

Anyway  I’ve been working diligently on the photo galleries. I think I’m almost done, with exception of a few sections of the gallery (particularly landscapes, nature, and pet portraits). I’m just going through all of my photos – my hard drive is crammed full of picture albums – and it’s taking a bit of time. Slowly but surely I’ll have everything set up the way I want it. I’m pretty satisfied so far. I did want a new place to host my portfolio and I’m thinking this is it. I was tired of Deviantart, and I’m not really a big fan of Flickr myself… The gallery here could be set up more professionally but oh well… It’s good enough for me until I have an official website available.