One with Nature…. NOT!

Posted on April 12, 2010


I had a pretty incredible weekend. It started off with a 30 minute workout, followed by dinner on Friday night with Nate, Vince, and Alex. Then on Saturday I visited Bluebird Gap Farm for about an hour where I saw the most adorable kids playing with a flower pot:

After watching the baby goats for a little while, I headed over to Newport News Park with my friend Emily. We spent at least 4 hours walking around the park. I managed to get a few really nice shots of butterflies and dogwoods. I even managed to spot a snake slithering into a dead tree. Emily and I had stopped to look at the pollen that had built up on the lake when I noticed the dark line on the tree across the water. At first it looked like a root connected to the bottom of the tree, but it was much darker and I just had a feeling that it was alive… So I took a shot with my Nikon D90 and zoomed in to make a closer observation. Sure enough I saw little black scales on that odd-looking root. And then a head emerged from the tree, and it slithered onto a nearby branch that hung from a neighboring tree. I would have loved to get a closer shot, but I was glad to be at least 10 feet away from it with a pond between us! Here’s what it looked like as it slithered towards the other treebranch:

We wanted to find more snakes so we ventured further along the path across the lake at Newport News Park, but eventually my Converse started killing my poor toes (I was not exactly prepared to hike through the park) and soon enough my objective was no longer to find wildlife, but to get the heck out of the woods so I could take off my shoes!  It was a great workout, though, despite all the little swarms of bugs we ran into along the path… Overall I got some pretty great shots yesterday. On the way to the parkinglot we spotted a whole herd of deer grazing up near the Golf Course, so we stayed awhile and took some photos of them before finally heading out.