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Posted on April 17, 2010


Please support the Animal Aid Society, a no-kill dog shelter in Hampton, VA. Click here to view their official Facebook page.

I have really enjoyed my time with the AAS so far. I woke up yesterday morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about the shelter, so I decided to stop by around 9:30am to walk Pete, Amelia, and Dottie. I wasn’t entirely sure if the Friday volunteers would mind, but I figured it was worth a shot! Sure enough, they were really glad to have me stop by to walk some dogs.

It was really nice to meet people from the Friday shift. Kristie, one of the volunteers, told me about a fundraising event they were doing that afternoon. I offered to help out, and after walking a couple of dogs, I assisted in feeding Emily, Eddie, Skip, Pete, Amelia, and Dottie around noon and prepared for the fundraiser. There were five volunteers participating in the fundraiser, and each of us chose a dog to bring to the fundraiser. I had Dottie, Julia had Hollis, Kristie had Snoopy, Dana had Eddie, and Nancy had Emily. After lunch the dogs were transported to CNU where the fundraiser was being held on-campus. Here’s a picture of Snoopy during the fundraiser.

We set up with the CNU volunteers. 5$ to walk a dog for 15 minutes. Dottie was the busiest and by the end of the day, she was exhausted. Eddie and Emily were being stubborn old hounds. One minute they would want to walk and explore, while the next they were planted firmly on the ground and refusing to budge! Hollis and Snoopy both loved the attention and walked happily with their new CNU pals… Around 3pm we decided to give Snoopy, Hollis, and Dottie a break and took them back to the shelter to get Bubbles and Buttercup. I transported Buttercup. It was the first time I’ve handled her, and she’s such a precious dog! Here’s a picture of Buttercup sitting amidst her CNU pals.

I stayed for another hour and a half, but around 4:30pm I had to leave. I offered to take Eddie back to the shelter on my way home, since I knew he was exhausted… In the end the dogs and volunteers had a long and busy day and were glad when everything was over. Here’s a picture of Eddie sleeping in the back seat on his way back to the shelter.

Today I did not visit the AAS. I thought about stopping by but instead I worked on a Facebook page for the Animal Aid Society. Nancy had created a Causes page for the shelter, but Causes is an application separate from Facebook and is only linked to Facebook so I figured I’d take the initiative to create and propose an official Facebook page for the AAS… Once I created the page, I sent a message to Nancy explaining my ideas about the page. She replied later and said it was a wonderful idea and that she was glad I was interested in helping. Now I just have to get the page known to other volunteers. Unfortunately we won’t get to use a personal url like because we have to have at least 1,000 fans. So please click the link at the beginning of this entry and show your support by becoming a fan of their new page!

I also wanted to let everyone know that my river otter photograph taken earlier in the week was featured by the Daily Press in this morning’s news paper! I recieved a text from my older brother congratulating me. I had no idea until he told me! It appears that one of my aunts also called my parents and told them about it, too. Everyone is very proud, but to be honest, I’m not really sure why. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. Sure it’s pretty awesome having one of my pictures in the paper, and I really hope to have another in the paper again, but I’m only doing what I love! Getting one of my photos in the paper was just a big bonus!

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