Goodbye Ellie, Hello Gordon!

Posted on April 22, 2010


Today was pretty exciting. We got three new dogs at the shelter; Jeff, Gordon, and Bill. Jeff is a beautiful, rambunctious Golden Retriever, Gordon is a mellow, loveable American Bulldog, and Bill is a crafty little Beagle. Jeff had to be taken to the vet today so I was only able to get pictures of the other dogs. My primary focus was set on Gordon, though! I like to call him Gordo. He’s such a fabulous dog! I was told that he was rescued by a family who unfortunately had to give him up because their other dog bullied him. It’s a shame because Gordon is a big sweetheart who just wants to be rubbed and patted! I have so many pictures of Gordon and our new dogs on our new Facebook page but here’s a picture of Gordo running around outside. Isn’t he awesome!? He looks way better in person!

Also a family came by today to see our Beagles, Ellie and the new guy, Bill. Ellie is a sweet, gentle girl who was so happy to be visited by the family! It seemed like the husband took a fondness to her quick, and they went walking around the field. She looked so perfect with that family. I would have gotten a picture of her with them but some people are a little wary of having their pictures, or their children’s pictures posted on the internet. Better to be safe than sorry! But take my word for it, it was an absolutely perfect moment.

And then they asked to see Bill, and I knew for sure they’d choose Ellie after a walk with that crazy little man! Bill is younger than Ellie and is a little wilder. They took him for a walk around the property for a bit to test him out, but when they got back they agreed that he was a little too much to handle around their children. I don’t blame them, they had a little girl and baby boy. Ellie would surely be gentle with them, while Bill might knock them down a few times. Someone else will be more suited for Bill, I’m sure of it! He’s absolutely adorable. Here’s a picture of Bill while I was walking him out in the field.