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Shelter Pictures

May 1, 2010


If you haven’t caught on, I love to take pictures of the dogs at the shelter. I made the Facebook page specifically so that I would have a convenient place to upload all the pictures where the other volunteers could easily find them. I’m also using the Facebook page to get our name out there, […]

Support the Animal Aid Society

April 17, 2010


Please support the Animal Aid Society, a no-kill dog shelter in Hampton, VA. Click here to view their official Facebook page. I have really enjoyed my time with the AAS so far. I woke up yesterday morning and I couldn’t stop thinking about the shelter, so I decided to stop by around 9:30am to walk […]

A huge difference…

April 13, 2010


I’m not even sure what title to give this entry, but today I used my boyfriend’s family computer in the spare room to update my blog and I noticed that images look extremely different on their monitor than on mine… Is this the graphics card? Or maybe just a different contrast displayed on the monitor? I’m not […]

Orientation at the Animal Aid Society

April 13, 2010


Well orientation was great! I woke up early but I didn’t get out of bed until 10:30am. Nate called and wanted to meet for lunch since his co-worker and boss are out of town this week. I hopped out of bed, got dressed, and headed out to meet him up in Ft. Eustis. We were […]

Image hosting and keeping your pictures safe

April 12, 2010


An inspiring local photographer recently wrote about her perspective on image hosting sites. Where to locate my photographs has always been a huge debate of mine, so I’d like to voice my own opinion as well. Now before I begin, I’d like for you to understand that this entry is about finding a somewhat safe place […]

Go Orange!

April 10, 2010


So we’re all familiar with the “Go Green” slogan, but how many of you are familiar with “Go Orange?” Well April is the “Prevention of Animal Cruelty” month and to raise awareness, the ASPCA urges people all across the nation to “Go Orange!” There are several ways to Go Orange. As for me, not only […]

Super Bowl XLIV Commercials 2010

February 7, 2010


So tonight is the 44th Superbowl. I spent about two an a half hours watching the game at my boyfriend’s house – his parents love football. I’m not really a big fan of watching sports on television, though, and easily get bored. To be honest, the only time I’m ever interested in watching sports is […]

Failbooking… Too funny to unfriend!

February 6, 2010


So I was browsing around some of the blogs hosted here on WordPress and I stumbled upon Failbooking. Basically it’s a blog about stupidly hilarious Facebook status updates. Some of them are too idiotic to find amusing, but I did come across a few rather entertaining posts. I even went so far as to become […]

If it exists, there’s a blog for it…

February 5, 2010


Wow I didn’t know there were such things as “icon journals.” I was looking for some 100×100 icons or avatars for a forum I recently joined and was having some trouble finding the perfect one… A member there suggested browsing on LiveJournal. So I went and explored the website and ended up finding tons of blogs where people […]

Today’s great accomplishments

February 4, 2010


What a very accomplished day today has been!  I connected with a local photographer who I found through an ad on Craigslist. Her name is Rachel Baine and she is a photographer in the Hampton Roads area. I also submitted my own ad on Craigslist in search of photography opportunities to help build a more solid portfolio […]