Missing You Already!

Posted on April 30, 2010


Well Hollis and Dottie are being adopted. I decided to take moment to get one last shot of precious Dottie since I may never get to see her again (which would signify a good thing)! Hopefully the adoption is finalized and she is taken to a wonderful forever home! She really deserves it.

And then Hollis… The picture below was actually taken on April 22nd but I haven’t gotten any of him since the fundraiser we did on the 24th. Since I already showed a picture of Hollis at the fundraiser, I figured I’d show you guys one of my favorite shots of our lion-dog! Does he not look like a lion on the hunt!?

As I said yesterday, it’s kind of sad to see these dogs go just because I’ll miss them at the shelter. I’m just really happy that so many of our dogs are being adopted recently. Amelia, Skip, Dottie, Hollis… And we have so many dogs on pre-adopt, too! It’s wonderful!

Well Kristie asked me to come in this morning to talk about the fundraiser tomorrow. We didn’t get much time to talk, though, because Kristie had so much to get done and then I ran off with Deb to take pictures of Shadow and Fudge playing ball outside. They looked so happy! It was nice giving the dogs some time to run around and relax and do normal doggy activities outside of their dog runs. I ended up getting several incredible pictures of the two!